Astra Super Stars

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Astra Super Stars

Katakana アストラスーパースターズ
Developer Sunsoft / SANTACLAUS
Publisher Sunsoft
Release date 1998
Genre Fighting
Orientation Horizontal


Japan Americas Europe Taiwan
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Astra Super Stars (アストラスーパースターズ) is a 2D fighting game illustrated and designed by SANTACLAUS and developed by Sunsoft. It was released exclusively to the Japanese market in 1998.

Cartridge pictures

Cartridge PCB (front) PCB (back)
Astra Super Stars Cartridge.JPG Astra PCB (front).JPG Astra PCB (back).JPG
Cartridge number: 610-0374-90
PCB part number: 837-11969
EPROM: EPR-20825
Status: Genuine

Submitted by Turntablism