Critter Crusher / Tatakot

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Critter Crusher / Tatakot

Developer Sega AM1
Publisher Sega
Release date 1995


Japan Americas Europe Taiwan
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Critter Crusher known as Tatakot (タタコット) in Japan, is essentially a game of whack-a-mole. It was released to the European and Japanese markets.

This game uses a dedicated cabinet

Cartridge pictures

Cartridge PCB (front) PCB (back)
Critter Crusher Tatakot Cartridge.JPG Critter Crusher Tatakot PCB (front).JPG Critter Crusher Tatakot PCB (back).JPG
Cartridge number: 610-0373-13
PCB part number: 837-11124
EPROM: EPR-188?1

Submitted by turntablism