Dynamite Deka

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Dynamite Deka

Attract screen
Katakana ダイナマイト刑事
Rōmaji Dainamaito Deka
Developer Sega AM1 / Sega Technical Institute
Publisher Sega
Release date 1996
Genre Action
Orientation Horizontal


Japan Americas Europe Taiwan
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Dynamite Deka (ダイナマイト刑事) is a beat'em up game by Sega AM1. It was released in Japan as Dynamite Deka and later outside Japan as the Die Hard Arcade.

Regional differences

Dynamite Deka only works on Japanese systems whereas Die Hard Arcade works on the other three regions.

Cartridge pictures

Cartridge PCB (front) PCB (back)
Ddeka cart.jpg Ddeka pcb front.jpg Ddeka pcb back.jpg
Cartridge number: 610-0373-16
PCB part number: 837-11542
Status: Genuine

Submitted by nilleboj