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You can use this as a template when creating a new game page. Copy everything in the box below to your page and edit the contents. Remove any unnecessary sections.

<!-- Game info, if a property isn't know remove the line -->
|name = Game title
|kana = Game title in kanji
|image = Filname.jpg
|caption = Description of image
|developer = Developer name
|publisher = Publisher name
|released = Release year
|genre = Sports, Puzzle, Shooter et.c.
|orientation = Horizontal or Vertical
<!-- Regions, if unknown leave blank -->
|jp = y or n
|am = y or n
|eu = y or n
|tw = y or n

<!-- Game details -->
'''''Game title''''' (Game title in kana, if available) lorem ipsum et.c.

== Regional differences ==
If any.

== Cartridge pictures ==
|cartridge = Cartridge.jpg
|pcbfront = PCB front.jpg
|pcbback = PCB back.jpg
|status = Genuine
|cartnumber = part number of cartridge (ex. 123-1234-12)
|partnumber = part number of PCB (ex. 837-12345)
|revision = revision number of PCB (ex. MDK123V-0)
|eprom = EPROM part number (ex. EPR-12345) or No
|credit = Name/nick of uploader

== Artwork ==