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The region a specific ST-V motherboard supports is stored in its BIOS. There are four different regions: Japan, Americas, Europe and Taiwan. While most cartridges can be played on all regions there are some that are locked to certain region or regions. It is possible to change the region by swapping the BIOS IC on the motherboard, but apart from being a hassle it of course adds wear and tear to both motherboard and BIOS.


The ST-V MODBIOS was created by Joerg Hartenberger and is a modified BIOS that replaces the BIOS on the ST-V motherboard allowing you to select the region at start up



  • Very simple to use just select the region on power up
  • Defeats the country lockout (so that every game will work)
  • Allows you to select the region code (JP, EUR, US) for all games
  • The region code is stored in NVRAM making it persistent
  • Passes the memory test in the ST-V System Test Menu
  • Works with all ST-V motherboards

Modbios screen.jpg

Futher reading and download

Tormod Tjaberg has written an in-depth article on the ST-V MODBIOS and the MODBIOS file is available for download on the same page.