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== Cartridge pictures ==
|cartridge = Soukyugurentai Terra Diver Cartridge.JPG
|cartridge = Soukyugurentai Terra Diver Cartridge.JPG

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Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver

Flyer Front
Katakana 蒼穹紅蓮隊
Developer Raizing
Publisher Raizing
Release date 1996
Genre Manic shooter
Orientation Horizontal


Japan Americas Europe Taiwan
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Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver (蒼穹紅蓮隊 lit. "Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Squad") is a scrolling shooter arcade game released by Raizing in 1996. There is an English version of the game titled Terra Diver, but it was never officially released.

Cartridge pictures

Cartridge PCB (front) PCB (back)
Terradiver cart nilleboj.jpg Terradiver pcb front nilleboj.jpg Terradiver pcb back nilleboj.jpg
Cartridge number: 610-0374-08
PCB part number: 837-11542
Status: Probable bootleg

Submitted by nilleboj

Cartridge PCB (front) PCB (back)
Soukyugurentai Terra Diver Cartridge.JPG Soukyugurentai Terra Diver PCB (front).JPG Soukyugurentai Terra Diver PCB (back).JPG
Cartridge number: 610-0374-06
Status: ?

Submitted by turntablism